January 21, 2020 4 min read

Let's make this New Year count

Hey Eco-family!

By now, everybody has probably wrote or thought about some ideas they would like to accomplish in 2020. Nonetheless, we wanted to help you and to inspire you to pursue your goals this year. We have put together a list of positive steps towards a successful and happier life.

We hope you like it!

Practice positive thinking

This is a step that can be a game changer. It will help you have a positive attitude in every situation, if you practice it everyday. Whenever you are feeling negative about something, or even talking to yourself in a negative tone, being aware of it and changing it immediately, will have a massive impact in your overall happiness and in the way you tackle challenges that come in your way.

Everyday express gratitude for what you have

Doing this consistently, whether it’s in the morning, in the middle of the day or at night when you go to bed, will be a reminder of everything good that you have in your life, in that moment. Being thankful for the simple things, like being healthy, having great friends and family, having a job, having a home and all those little things is very important.

 Respect the phase you are at in your life and don’t rush things

We have to be appreciative of where we are in our lives and stop being anxious about the future. The future is going to, hopefully, bring you many blessings, if you are consecutively doing a great work and showing up for yourself and for the goals you have committed to do. So, don’t stress about it, enjoy the present, and stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their own journey, and crossing paths with each other is not supposed to put us down, or feel like someone is doing better than you, but to take something positive of that encounter.

Make time to have quality hours with your family and friends

Work is a huge part of our daily lives, and of course it’s essential and you should care and want to succeed in your job. But you should not live just for work. It’s fundamental to have time off. To slow down and be with the ones you love. Create great memories, because that will keep you going in the hardest times.

Invest your money and time in positive experiences

Using your money for travels, or other hobbies you like, will make you a much happier person and let you learn something new and meet new people. Doing something, just for you ,will fuel your soul in the best way possible.

 Give back to the community with your service or charity

Giving back is one of the best feelings in the world. Some of our team members have been part of volunteer experiences, and the sentiment is mutual. What you get from giving back to those in need is priceless. If you haven’t done community work, we totally encourage you to try it, at least once in your life.

Take time to learn something new

As humans, we need to be challenged and be pushed out of our comfort zone, in order to grow. Dedicating time to learn a new skill is always enriching. You can do this, by committing to read more books this year, and follow a few good podcasts that will add value to your life, or even sign up for a course that you've been wanting to take, for a while now. Another thing you can do is, promoting intriguing discussions in your community and learn from others experiences. 

For a clear mind and a healthy body

It’s important to stick to a good diet that will nourish your body in the right way, and practice exercise daily, even if you just go for a walk. Start in the morning with a stretching session and meditation. This will help you clear your mind for the day ahead. Good quality sleep is another important aspect for a productive day, so make sure you have good hours of rest. Besides this, it’s important to make time for your passions and hobbies, trying to be outdoors as much as possible, connecting with nature and animals, and having time off of the technologies.

Help the planet

2020 is the year in which everyone has already enough knowledge to understand that we need to act on a daily basis, to contribute to the future of our planet. Our day-to-day activities have to be mindful about our ecosystem. So, with that said, we suggest that you buy less and mend more, and prefer to buy sustainable products, with a higher quality that will last you longer, and are less pollutants to the environment. Try to buy in local shops, to reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation. Be mindful about the quantity of water and energy you are using in your daily actions. Choose to walk/bike or use public transportations to get around. Recycle your waste, and consider doing compost of your residues. Lastly, and more importantly, keep researching new ways to help and put them in practice.

By following some of these steps, with consistency, we assure you that great things will come. You will feel more confident and happy and, hopefully, you will accomplish your goals for this New Year.

So, let’s start today!

The Fair Bazaar
The Fair Bazaar

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