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La Belle Verte (1996): Movie Review

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And now for something completely different.

On the last post, you had the chance to Meet the Makers with ISTO., one of our mindful partners.

Now, we’ve decided to start sharing with you some movies and documentaries that really inspired our team and we hope it will inspire you all as well!

Today we’re going to tell you a little bit about a movie called “La Belle Verte”, or “The Green Beautiful”, a 1996 French movie written and directed by French actress, director and writer Coline Serreau and starring Serreau, Vincent Lindon, Marion Cotillard (it was one of her first movies!) and Yolande Moreau.

Painting an untold story of an extraterrestrial’s adventure on Earth, “The Green Beautiful” encourages viewers to question the conventions of human society on our planet by looking at it from the eyes of beings from a completely different planet.

The story begins in a utopian, very civilized and prosperous smaller-than-Earth planet populated by spiritually elevated beings that often gather on the summit of a mountain in an open, green field for meetings focused on improving their society. Telepathic and egalitarian, they produce goods of their specialty and trade them according to their specific needs rather than using monetary systems. Because of their benevolent and adventurous nature, there are many volunteers who are eager to travel to other planets to teach and learn from their inhabitants.

However, no one wants to visit Earth.

After a long discussion with her fellow citizens, Mila, played by the director Coline Serreau, is the sole volunteer that’s sent on mission to Earth. 

Upon her arrival, Mila has a difficult time adjusting to the new location. With an innocent, yet humorous and profound perspective, she shows us how someone who’s not from Earth would react on a huge variety of situations. She doesn’t understand the lack of biodiversity, the fact that the “earthlings” (as she calls us) are overall unhappy and that we have things like butcher’s shops, that in her words, are “exhibitions of death bodies”. I personally found this scene very funny!

By depicting the stark contrasts between Mila’s innocent and concerned thoughts and the behavior of the people she meets during her journey on our planet, the movie “The Green Beautiful” portrays the potential of life on Earth with the restoration of compassion and eco-consciousness. Like the “elevated” beings elsewhere, humans can also create an atmosphere of peace and hospitality if we really want to.

For me, this movie was a very undemanding form of comedy, with an altogether very light tone, totally free of complexions and simply pointing to the most ridiculously obvious differences between a life of beauty and respect for life itself and one of disease, stress and egoic battle. Interesting is off course also to see the director herself in the leading part.

I really hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Greetings to you all, Eco-Earthlings!

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