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The menstrual cup
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Demystifying the Menstrual Cup

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Menstruation: an awkward tabu subject that most women in the world don't like to talk about and yet, vital for life itself. Due to this difficulty comes along the hardship to know further about new and better practices correlated to this subject such as the menstrual cup.

This article was written exactly for that: to fill in the knowledge gap, and hopefully encourage you to take a step further and embrace this great innovation, that ultimately makes our lives easier, healthier and more eco-friendly.
menstrual cup

So, what are the benefits of the menstrual cup?

Believe us: The benefits are more than you would think! It will make your life more economic, convenient, ecologic and healthier! Here is why:

More economic: We spend around 4€ a month for a box of tampons. That might not seem much but it is 48€ a year / an expensive dinner / an electricity bill / that really nice piece of clothing that you cannot yet afford. In contrast, a menstrual cup costs 24€ and lasts for 10 years. This means 20 cents per month, saving: 3,80€ per month / 45,60€ per year / 456€ in the 10 years of usage aka you can have that piece of clothing, expensive dinner or.. Bigger savings! And this without counting on the spending on pads and other types of disposables!

More convenient: On average a menstrual cup lasts up to 12 hours in a row. This means that you just insert the cup in the morning and retrieve it in the evening. No concerns with this subject during the day at the office, gym, or whenever you might be during the day. 

Much more ecologic: According to the magazine Visão: “ if every women uses around 30 disposables per month means 360 a year, 3600 in ten years. Multiplying that by the number of women on the planet, there are over 4 billion disposables ending in trash fields every year”. It's A lot of avoidable trash!!

Healthier: Did you know that the disposable options are associated with a lot of toxic diseases? In contrast, menstrual cups are free of any chemicals, not provoking are irritations of allergies to the women with very sensitive skin.


OK, you've convinced me - but how does it work?


See the video below from OrganiCup for a detailed explanation on how to use the menstrual cup.


That all sounds perfect, but what if I buy it but don't like it?

For some people, it can take a few days or a few periods to become completely comfortable with the cup. So if you´re one of them don´t give up! The OrganiCup website provides with a lot of extra support if you´re experiencing difficulty (see all the information here: ). Furthermore, if you´re in Portugal, a closed facebook page was created for all the women to share their doubts regarding the OrganiCup products (find it here)

And.. if you tried and it just doesn't work for you, OrganiCup returns your money with no complications attached (as long as it does not exceed the period of 90 days from the moment of purchase).


Convinced #ecobabes? Shop your way through a #newperiod here!

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