November 21, 2018 4 min read

Hi Eco-warriors! This month we would like to talk about someone that has been very inspiring for us lately: Anastasia Pittini (aka: Travel Leap). With beautiful images, videos and inspiring content, her blog aims to inspire the adventure seekers, incentivizing us to experience what the planet has to offer in a sustainable manner. It's all started when Anastasia Pittini and her boyfriend decided to quit their daily jobs and routine to experience the world. After talking with the author, we decided to share with you her story and values so that, hopefully, we can inspire a few to live fully and consciously.

1. You've worked in Marketing for over 10 years in some of the biggest companies in the world. What was the trigger that made you quit your job and start something completely different and new?

Traveling long term it’s been my dreams since I was 19. Let’s just say it took me a while to make it a reality, but I finally did it when it was the right moment! The final trigger has been the fact that I was not very satisfied in my last job and overall I did not want to work for big corporates anymore, as they are not aligned with my core values. Finally last year it was the right moment and I was ready and confident enough to follow my dreams!

2. What is the best part in travelling the world? And the worst?

For me, traveling the world means expanding and growing as a person everyday, by immersing myself in new cultures, meeting new people and learning. It is the most beautiful ‘school’ anyone can attend and it gives you the time to focus on yourself and on developing your dreams. The worst part is certainly being far from your family and friends for long periods of time, but we always try to find ways to meet somewhere in the world.

Anastasia Pittini

3. What does “Sustainably Travelling the World” - truly means to you?

This is something truly important for me. I deeply care about the state of the planet and of our natural resources and I know I have to do my part to protect them. Traveling sustainably is about trying to have the least possible negative impact through my travels based on what I consume, where I stay, where I eat and the business and brands I support. I am a strong believer that every little positive action matters, might that be using a water purifier instead of buying plastic bottles or supporting local business instead of big chains.

4. Can you tell us a few of the daily actions you´ve changed purposely to reduce your environmental footprint?

We recently bought a portable water purifier, stainless steel straws, solid shampoos, conditioner and soaps that don’t require plastic containers. I personally don’t eat meat and we always choose local restaurants over chains. We walk or use bicycles and within countries we move by bus, trying to avoid flying as much as possible.

5. How do you select your destinations?

We decided to travel through South America and South Asia as these were the continents we knew the least and held the biggest interest for us. Traveling via land we usually follow a geographic order, which also makes the travels very interesting as we get to experience most countries from South to North.

6. What is the destination that you´re eager to visit the most from your itinerary?

I was super excited to visit Colombia and I was not disappointed. We had the best time during our month exploring this country.

7. Up until now, what were the places you've visited that marked you the most? And why?

We had the immense privilege to visit the Galapagos Islands and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Galapagos are the most unique and mesmerizing place, where nature and animals are extremely protected and can be discovered in their intact original habitats. Our week in Galapagos was truly life changing and taught us so much about the importance of natural conservation and sustainability.

Anastasia Pittini

8. Do you have a particular adventure that you would like to share with us?

I have two stories, one good one and one less good. The positive story is about Ecuador and Galapagos. We have recently learned that Ecuador is the first country in South America to use 100% renewable energy, which is a great example for everyone. We also loved the way the Galapagos National Park is protected, with 97% of the archipelago being protected area which is totally untouched and cannot be entered.

While the bad story is about the huge amount of pollution we saw during our travels, in some of the most beautiful areas. Some examples are Ica in Peru and Taganga in Bolivia. It was heartbreaking to see entire areas and streets covered with garbage, mainly plastic one. For us, it was a constant reminder that bringing awareness is important and doing our part is fundamental.

9. If you could give one advice to our readers regarding life, what would it be?

It might sound cheesy, but follow that dream you have. Take the ‘leap’. And travel. There is no better thing you can do with your money and your time than investing in yourself and in discovering the world.

Joana Cunha
Joana Cunha

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