December 31, 2019 4 min read

The age of awareness

Q. How do you think the world is today in its financial, environmental, social and spiritual aspects?

A. I feel very honored to live in this time, the age of awareness. There is a big conscious shift happening around us and humanity is rising and co-creating the transformation of the planet. It’s beautiful to see and feel this movement. Having people as Greta Thunberg, starting to appear, is for me a big signal that the world is evolving and growing in an unprecedented way. Spirituality is rising. We are finally reconnection with our roots, with nature, and the essence of life is starting to bloom. Yet, at the same time, the old world is still very strong. We see the dark but I am a positive person, I believe that the change is for the better. If not, I don´t believe we will survive as a civilization, which is also possible. It’s all part of the process and we are just a tiny part.

Q. When did you started developing your own conscious ideas?

A. As a little girl I would always see things others were not attracted to. I stopped using plastics years ago just because I didn't feel they were great or necessary. I started to eat only bio products when my girls were born. Everything was very natural. And still is.

But I believe that growing up in Macau gave me the possibility to connect with the Asian spirituality from a very young age. It all evolved very naturally even after moving to Europe and facing a different reality.

Later the Yoga became my thing, a space for myself, my therapy. I know it was the connection with a spiritual practice that made me evolve as a human being.

Q. When did it all started?

A. I started to practice yoga after university. I was working and needed something different from dance classes. I wanted yoga. I looked everywhere in Lisbon and from 2003 to 2004 there were almost no places to practice and it was all quite strange. My sister took me to Casa Vinyasa Lisboa and when I came in I fell in love with everything. The practice, Isa, the breath. I had found my practice. Yoga has allowed me the most incredible journey to know my inner self. I am blessed for the yoga in my life. It transformed me to stay strong and faithful to my beliefs.

Q. How did your blog Yoga-mehappened?

A. My family and I moved to Bali in 2012. My girls went to the Green School and I immersed myself into the yoga world of Ubud. It was the most incredible experience we had. Bali was a daily growth for the family, living inside one of the biggest spiritual and conscious places in the planet. I was already doing my own kombucha, practicing yoga regularly, eating organic and whole foods, and spending my time with conscious people. But Bali was a decade step. We received a lot from the island of the Gods. Ceremonies, art, culture, healthy food, and more. We changed forever and grew so much.

I decided to create a blog to talk about my experience on the island. To my surprise the blog was an immediate success. I received then the invitation to write a book. Yoga-me has been a blessing and I feel very proud of this journey.

Q. Do you see your life being sustainable? What are your daily practices?

A. Yes every day I try to make conscious steps. My family and I are now wanting to be a zero waste family. It’s been hard work but very rewarding. Everyone is free to eat what they want but at home we don’t eat meat or fish. The result is my girls eat very little animals products and only when they come from a sustainable source. We don’t go to supermarkets to get our food, we go to markets at the weekend and our diet is plant based. I am also introducing the ideas for sustainable fashion at home and reduce consumption. We have too much, we don’t need half of what we have and it doesn’t create happiness. We talk about these subjects every day. The latest discussion has been about sustainable traveling.

Q. What is your big vision for the world?

A. To have the whole world taking care of their bodies and mind, being mindful and present. If we all meditate, we would have healthier minds and bodies and would take more wise decisions for the planet. We need to know how to take care of ourselves in order to care for the planet. My vision is humankind working together to make nature perfect.

Q. Do you feel the change of the mindset happening in Portugal, Europe and worldwide?

A. I would love Portugal to understand this amazing opportunity to become the best country in the world, we just need the population to grow the consciousness so the governments also rise to the occasion and become educated and cultured. We need to become less focused in money and more in other forms of wealth because we have this beautiful experience in this perfect planet and we still try to find happiness outside. Happiness is within.

Q. Tell us one advice to the world from your heart.

A. Practice yoga, meditate, focus in your inner work, enjoy life, stay positive, believe in yourself and respect others, give more, find your dharma, your purpose and stay free always. Freedom of being is the higher spiritual purpose.

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