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Evolving in the life of Ana Varela

Less is more could be the sentence to define today’s Ana Varela. An immense woman, very feminine yet strongly powerful, the Portuguese actress has a heart full of love for life in its full potential: the planet, the beings, the stars, the butterflies, herself and her children. 

Ana is one of the famous Portuguese actresses of the moment. She is the mother of 2 daughters and above all a very conscious human being.

In the screen Ana Varela is famous for her versatility where she plays roles as villains, fighters or just happy and fun characters. Behind the scenes she has a very defined role: Ana is a strong activist protecting Mother Earth. She feels the living creature called Gaia, the primordial goddess who personified the Earth in Greek mythology. Gaia is the name for the planet, our home, capable of nurturing us, feeding us, give us light and water and life every day. «To me, our planet is a giant motherhouse, able to support us with everything we need to live - water, oxygen, heat, food. I have a giant respect for Mother Nature - everything is so well orchestrated and interconnected!» explains Ana.

Yet we humans, in a time of disconnection with our essence, we are destroying our own home. «As a species, it seems to me that we have been too self-centered and spoiled, abusing, disrespecting and unbalancing the Mother for individualistic and economic purposes. I feel it is time to grow and learn to appreciate the magic we have at our disposal». The positive side is the world is raising the awareness and people like Ana are making a huge impact for this rise. 

A blog called «Green Little Steps»

 Ana Varela was born with a natural conscious feeling and a great sense of self-awareness. When almost no one would care about electricity bills, there she was, trying to keep them low. When recycling was still not heard about, Ana was already reusing her own products. Plastic became a word not to be used in her house. The change she did in her lifestyle went further and she became a vegetarian for activist causes. «I became a vegetarian in order to not increase the impact of the livestock industry and I have made a number of changes in my daily life and in my daughters routine, doing my best to learn how to do this "being sustainable"»,writes Ana Varela in her blog. 

Ana isn't just another celebrity who spoils herself with consumerism or that supports unsustainable brands. In fact, she uses her fame for her heart cause. Saving the planet, changing habits, raising awareness.

In January 2019, Ana started a conscious blog to share her lifestyle and her philosophy of living, called «Green Little Steps». Just like the name suggests, the blog intends to show that small steps for humans can be big steps for human kind.

In her posts Ana explains how to live with less, how to decrease our waste, how to use green products as bamboo instead of plastic. She even talks about the meat and food industry in a very serious way and its impact in the world we have today. «The blog fills me with hope. Many people are interested in changing, learning, doing better - every day. I feel more people are reading the articles, asking me direct questions, sharing their changes and making suggestions. There could be no better feedback». The work is being well received as people feel the need to renew themselves.

Ana knows everyone counts. Every little green help is manifested in the planet, each one of us can, in fact, make a positive change. The advice is to start with small steps. Whatever is easier for you and your family. Ana suggests «to minimize the negative impact of our families on the planet by choosing a simpler lifestyle and reducing waste». And she goes further, «for a positive impact I volunteer for environmental actions, partner with companies and organizations that share the same respect for nature and encourage change in others through the Green Little Steps. I also recognize that as a mother of the next generation I have a very important role in trying to positively influence my daughters».



Being a young mother of 2 sweet daughters, made Ana Varela see things with a different perspective.

«My daughters are growing up, discovering themselves and the world around them. For them there is no change, only references or examples with which they contact each day and which will probably affect them». The lifestyle of the mother becomes the lifestyle of the daughters. «Both Dalila and Alice participate in the separation of waste for recycling, they know that plastic is "no friend", that water waste "is bad for the planet". By themselves they pick up dried leaves from the garden to make domestic compost - this is their daily life».

What made Ana Varela wake up and feel the need for change? «I was born and raised in the countryside and was always very attached to nature. In recent years I have started to read a lot about what was happening to our planet in environmental terms, and the more I read, the more I became chocked and the more urgency I felt to change my behavior». In these days being well informed and looking for the right information is very important. We are all responsible and we need to choose whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution. For ourselves and mostly for our children. 

Evolving, not repeating


Ana practices yoga and meditation and she is a natural positive soul. The times we are living are challenging but we can also look at this moment as a rising of the conscious of the planet, the Aquarius era, the light era. Having a spiritual practice grounds us and opens space in our body and mind to change.

Yet changes are difficult for the majority. When we move frequencies, when we go from what is the conventionalto what we believe in, a huge process of self-empowerment happens where many questions and doubts arise, as well. We break programs but we also become more focused in the transition and what our heart is telling and guiding us for. In the beginning of the process, Ana started to ask herself «in the early days the question that most often accompanied me was: how can I contribute to the disappearance of ecosystems fundamental for life?». And she evolved. «The following questions were: “What is in my power? How can I improve and contribute to stop this chain?»

One advice from the heart

Repeating mistakes is not an option in Ana's life. Everything happens for a reason and as human beings we are also going through our own process. Ana knows very well why she is here: «to experiment myself, to improve, to evolve and make this life worthwhile».

And she leaves us with an advice: «From my heart, I believe we are going through a very special moment - everyone, without exception, we are being summoned to save our planet and I am delighted to be part of this movement. More than ever, it is important to regain our power - as citizens, as consumers and as voters. Make it count!».

 Blogpost written by Filipa Veiga Editor and Yoga teacher

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