October 31, 2019 4 min read

Living the conscious lifestyle

When Mahatma Gandhi said «be the change you want to see in the world» he thought of people like Joana. She is all about living a conscious lifestyle. She is the change we need to see in the world, today.

Joana doesn’t talk and speculates about the “perfect day”, she makes it happen and builds it, with her courage, taking a step forward. That’s her power, that’s her beauty, her simplicity and her voice.

For those who live in the city, Joana's posts are true inspirations of a simple country life, in a wooden house where real food is grown.

Whatever Joana touches, she creates the perfect scenario where everything looks good and everything matches. Joana likes art and fashion, aesthetic moves through her veins.

A brand to follow our lifestyle

When taking a sewing class a year ago, Joana started to create bikinis. As everything she touches they came out perfect. «I started sharing the pieces on Instagram and the feedback was amazing. Suddenly I had people encouraging me to make some models to sell and I felt excited with the idea. I love bikinis and I thought I could bring something different and simpler to the Portuguese market». And so she did.

Conscious Swimwear is not just another swimwear brand that produces cool beachwear. We are talking about a brand that has a mission behind it: raising awareness. «What drives me the most is the opportunity of raising awareness for conscious consumption. Using this brand as a platform to make a difference in the world. To educate and inform people», explains Joana. If you are wearing one of the bikinis from Conscious Swimwear you are, in fact, wearing a product with a story to tell, awareness itself.

Conscious swimwear uses ECONYL, the recycled textile of the moment. Handmade in Lisbon yet shipping worldwide, «our brand aims to be your sustainable option when it comes to swimwear. Our fabric is recycled and made from ocean waste plastic - mainly abandoned fishing nets. Our patterns are exclusive designed and produced locally. Our designs are basic and easy to mix and wear». You can feel the mission in it «every single piece is handmade and fair trade and we're proud of that».

The labor is the most expensive. «We are making bikinis with experienced seamstresses in Lisbon who make sure each one is perfect before they deliver it. It is very important to us that those who work with the brand receive a fair salary for their work». And ultimately it turns out to be beneficial to the planet once again. Every step of the production of this swimwear is strictly focused in doing the best to be as sustainable as a brand can be.

The mission

In her heart, Joana is an activist. She believes in the difference each one of us can create in the world. To be that change we want to see happening. It’s about finding our mission and planting our garden and work for a better place for us and for our children. «The world is changing rapidly. We need to raise our voices and become the difference we want to see in the world». Yet Joana is a very grounding woman and understands how society is still structured. «Right now I see a growing movement on sustainability issues but is not enough. Most people need rules and laws to make change happen in their lives (regarding to consumerism)». Laws are improving and in the last decades have been very prolific in environmental rules.

In the case of Joana, she doesn't need the rules, she rules her own choices. And her choices are today very careful and thoughtful. A trend young woman who inspires thousands, just on instagram she has more then 27k followers. Joana reflects a lot before buying just another object. «Now, I always think 1000 times before I buy something». The result is simple: «my house is less crowded. I have less clothes, less shoes, less bags, less stuff in general». When she needs something extra, again a simple solution: «I ask friends to borrow me something when I know I only need it once or for a short period of time». Sounds like a very good idea to keep and follow.

An empowered girl

In the raise of the feminine empowerment, Joana feels inspired by the global movement. «I feel proud of it. I do think that we are ninjas juggling from work to social life, dealing with maternity and so much more, all at once». One of the good reasons to create these bikinis, «With Conscious Swimwear I want to provide that feeling of wow, this fits me perfectlyto every woman.»  

Not just supporting other women, Joana, a very Portuguese soul sharing her love life with a surfer, has her heart for the oceans. «1% for the planet! That means at the end of every fiscal year, 1% of all Conscious Swimwear sales are directly donated to local causes we want to support». The protection of the seas will continue increasing in this work. And Joana is revealing us some of the ideas. «I would love to start writing more about it next year. Maybe through a blog inside our website». We are waiting Joana! 

A kind and enthusiastic human being, Joana teaches us how, in fact, life is simple if we are aligned with our purpose. Becoming a conscious consumer is her biggest legacy for us all. Fair Bazaar took her as one of her Real People campaign as she is a master in this sustainable lifestyle. Are you ready to follow?


Blogpost written by Filipa Veiga Editor and Yoga teacher

The Fair Bazaar
The Fair Bazaar

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