January 08, 2020 2 min read

Hello Eco family!

We are very excited to share with you that we are finally a B Corp. This has been one of our major goals of 2019 and we did it! It has been hard work, but we’ve made it happen.

Now, we want to share with you a little bit of our journey on becoming a B Corp.

Why did we want to become a B Corp?

From our founder’s perspective: “belonging to this community is a very important step since we will be surrounded by many inspiring brands and companies that will encourage us to be better. It’s good to learn from other brands that already have the certification for a longer period of time “, says Joana.

Ultimately, with this certification we want to set an example and challenge the Fashion industry to adopt more responsible practices, always having in mind their environmental and social impact.

What does the Certification mean?

Here’s the definition by the B Lab: “Certified B Corporationsare for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability”.

The certification helps us to integrate our stakeholder’s interests. We believe that as a business we are not only responsible to shareholders but mainly serve a greater need of the environment, society, our customers and employees.

How did we do it?

Within only three months, we managed to become the first marketplace in Portugal to receive this certification. We converted all our good intentions into formal structures and policies to ensure that they are untouchable, and have implemented new strategies to increase our environmental and social value.

Just to give you an impression, some examples are policies on Ethical Marketing and Advertising, Environmental Commitment or Internal Promotions.

We have also established means of communication to understand the needs of our customers and employees, such as surveys on employee and customer satisfaction, and mechanism to react upon this feedback.

To maintain transparency throughout our supply chain we now require all partners to sign a code of conduct that sets requirements on environmental and social aspects. Moreover, we screen the practices of all brands that we offer to adhere to our responsible standards. This way, we do our best to guarantee that we keep our promise.

Lastly, we have implemented measures to reduce our usage of water and energy and to minimize waste in our daily operations as a company, with clear objectives to measure and follow.

What changed with the B Corp Certification?

Presently, the B Corp is one of the only certifications that is not for a product or service, but for the whole business. We, as a B Corp, are establishing a new definition of value where our stakeholder’s needs are at the core of what we thrive for.

The B Corp Certification is a highly selective status. We went through a rigorous process that assessed 5 categories within our company: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. We have documented all our efforts so far, and will continue to do so, to make sure that we are keeping our positive impact, undergoing verification every three years in order to maintain the certification.

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