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Welcome to our World!

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Hi Fair Bazaar community! Welcome to our world. We are very excited to announce that we will start sharing with you our opinions, giving tips about how to be more sustainable, telling tales behind the fantastic brands that are part of our market-place and sharing some of your own inspiring stories. With this blog, our aim is to empower and inspire a global community of change-makers, impacting the world for the better.

And what better way to start than to tell you our story? It all began when Joana, the founder, saw the now world-renown documentary “The True Cost”. While watching it, she faced the cold garment workers’ reality, their poor working conditions and extremely low salaries – all for the availability of a close to costless t-shirt in a fast fashion store at the developed world.

After the documentary, Joana couldn't stop thinking about these facts. She made further research and found out that this was not only an ethical problem but also a really big environmental one. But what about options? Finding sustainable and ethical alternatives revealed itself to be a hard task for Joana and not everyone has the patience to spend hours online seeking for these alternatives. And that's when it hit her: What about a platform that would gather the best ethical and sustainable lifestyle products – guilt-free and easily accessible? A platform that would provide all this and spread awareness across all consumers? Since then, Joana didn´t think twice and started working on this project. What began as a dream became a reality. We aim to become a renown and trustworthy European-wide platform for sustainable and ethical products.

Each time we sell a product we are contributing for the growth of amazing brands, positively impacting the world for the better. We are so happy for all the support we have had from people all over the world and are working hard to improve our platform every day.


We hope you enjoy the experience and that you become a loyal member of our ever-growing #fairbazaarcommunity!

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