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Why do we have a Women's Day

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Hi Eco-warriors! In the midst of all the women empowerment that we´ve been experiencing on social media these days, a basic question arises: Why do we have a women's day? At first sight, it might seem obvious. But do you really know why? In case you're starting to wonder about its history, let us enlighten you.

Simply put, since the beginning of times that women had to fight to have the same rights as men. And while in today's modern society to be able to vote and be independent is something that most women take for granted, it wasn't a few years back. It was the first political activism to protect women's rights in the USA that led to the first celebration of Women's Day by the Socialist Party of America: funny enough, it was a strike in a garments factory in New York in 1908 where women marched and picketed for improved working conditions and equal rights.

This celebration inspired the renowned German Socialist Luise Zietz who proposed the establishment of an International Women's Day in the general meeting of the Socialist International in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1910. In her proposal this day was meant to promote equal rights and suffrage for women. The delegates agreed with the proposal and on the 19th of March 1911 the International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland. Over 1 million (!) people participated in demand for the women´s right to vote, to work, to hold public office, among other things.

Nowadays, this day is celebrated all over the world and women are, fortunately, less and less discriminated in modern societies. But one question remains: why were women discriminated in the first place? The common answer is: Because they were considered inferior. But why? No one really knows. There are a lot of theories but none of them is proven. As Yuval Noah Harari said on his renowned book Sapiens (2011):

“[...] there is some universal biological reason why almost all cultures valued manhood over womanhood. We do not know what this reason is. There are plenty of theories, none of them convincing.”

It is what it is eco warriors, no convincing theory, no justifiable reason. But what we can be is thankful for all those women (and men) that fought for women's rights and evolved society to allow us to vote, to work, be independent. But not all work is done, some women in not so modern countries are not that lucky. So, let's keep fighting not to have reason to distinguish men from women besides biology :)!

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