Handcrafted jewellery ethically produced by artisans in India.~

Daughters of the Ganges is a socially conscious jewellery brand that started in 2018 when the founder ́s discovered the beautiful artisan skills of people from marginalized communities in India. Stumbled upon the opportunity to create a business that would not only maintain alive traditional techniques but help these communities with fair jobs, thinking twice was not needed and Daughters of the Ganges was born.

The brand, partnered with CFM Market Linkages, a WFTO certified organization, to be able to work with these communities and provide them with sustainable and ethical working conditions.

Their final goal is to support the development of these artisan communities. To achieve it, DOTG doesn't only hire but also trains artisans, ensuring them sustainable jobs and providing them with new skills to carry through their lives. Women that are unable to leave their homes are given raw materials and tools to work from home and after-school programs are provided by the brand to the children of artisan communities to ensure them a bright future.

When you purchase from us, you are contributing to the empowerment of several small-scale businesses and in the bargain playing a part in the development of their communities. Join us in our efforts to make a difference.” – Team DOTG


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