Vegan jeans made to last that consider the people, animals and ultimately, the planet upon its production.~

Founded in 2013, MUD Jeans was created after the founder, Bert van Son, witnessed that the fashion industry is extremely demanding for both factory workers and nature. He decided to take a stand and change the unfair and dirty fashion industry by creating a fair and sustainable fashion company. But not just any fashion company, a company dedicated to the production of the most popular piece of clothing in the world - Jeans.

The company name was chosen because MUD (a mixture of water and any combination of soil, silt and clay), plays an important role in the ecosystem and most importantly, mud can be recycled eternally. It is one of the best examples in nature of the circular economy – and what the company ultimately aspire to be.

MUD jeans consistently puts the circular economy principles into practice. With styles made to last and produced with recycled & organic cotton in a fairly manner - no animals, plants or people are harmed during the production process. Their ultimate goal is to produce high quality, ethical and sustainable jeans available to all, so that one day the overall fashion industry has a lesser impact on earth than it does now.