“You have the possibility and responsibility to create a better world. Each step counts, with simple and consistent habits we can make a change” – message from our dear Founder Joana~

Hi Eco-family!

We’re so glad to finally show you a project that we’ve been working on and that is so dear to our hearts, the Real People Campaign. For our Autumn/Winter collection this year we wanted to truly speak to every Eco-warrior out there in an inspiring and meaningful way. We also wanted you to feel connected to us as we are to you. And so we chose very special members of our community that have a close relationship with us and also have a positive impact in our society and in the planet.

The purpose of our Real People Campaign is to show that everybody can live a sustainable lifestyle, whether you’re starting out or you’re already a master at it. Our Real people are here to serve as an example on how to do this in your life, just like they do it! We hope you love this campaign as much as we do. But most importantly, we wish that we can plant the seed of sustainability in your life and inspire you to spread this very special message.