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38 Graus

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Timeless, simple and yet different sustainable swimwear for the eternal summer lover.


38 GRAUS started in 2017 with the intention of bringing simple and long lasting swimwear to life. The first collection was marked by simple and yet sophisticated lines for the summer loving women. The founder, Marta, quickly started to think further and realized that just a line of beautiful swimwear wasn't enough for her - she wanted to stand out by giving the example to other brands regarding the environment. It didn't make sense to produce swimwear - clothing specially made to be in direct contact with nature - and harm that same landscape for which they were made for. With this in mind, this year the motto was different: SIMPLE, CLEAN, ECO - a brand for real beach-loving women with a concern for the environment.

The swimwear line is made with econyl - a highly resistant material made from fishing nets, plastic bottles and other wasted products. Like this no new waste is produced, just old one is reused, taking garbage from the sea and dressing women for the summer.

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