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Beautifully handmade ethnic bags, shoes and accessories that maintain traditions alive and support vulnerable communities.

Abury was created out of a passion for the Moroccan handicraft heritage and a fear of its extinction, threatened by the fast consumerism. The founder, Andrea, created Abury with the intention of making beautiful products, maintain alive the threatened traditional production methods of Morocco and empowering its vulnerable communities.

The brand has three pillars that are at the core of every decision - innovative design, handmade exclusivity and social impact. Each product is handmade by specialized artisans solely with local materials – this way, Abury knows exactly where and who is behind the production process. Furthermore, all of their leather partners are EU certified and 50% of the profits are re-invested in education and community projects to communities they work with.

Nowadays, Abury supports several other communities around the world, through the production of traditional products from their regions and at their regions in countries such as Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia. In a nutshell, when you buy Abury you don´t only empower yourself by looking better but also empower the communities that made the product, its heritage and the earth.

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