Be Our Partner


Thank you for your interest in joining our project. Fair Bazaar is a marketplace connecting mindful shoppers with sustainable lifestyle products. We are committed to sourcing and curating exceptional fashion, wellness, beauty and home goods made ethically and responsibly.

We are the first Portuguese marketplace to become aCertified B Corporation®. Being a B Corporation has great influence on the perception of customers on you, our brands. It provides you and us with credibility and transparency. Apart from belonging to a network that seriously works on changing the world for the better, the certification is also an amazing tool for communication whereall of our partnerscan benefit from as well. 

How does Fair Bazaar select the brands that are featured on its platform?

We look for brands that sell beautiful fashion and lifestyle products and make the world better. These are ethical, sustainable businesses that create unique products built to last, and are doing so with production practices that are good for people and the planet.

To us, “good for people” means empowering workers, paying living wages, investing in communities, and of course free of trafficked or child labor and unsafe working conditions.

To us, “good for the planet” means using eco-friendly processes like facilities powered with renewable energy, low impact operations (like small handmade production with a small carbon footprint), using non-toxic, organic and/or recycled or upcycled materials, and otherwise taking significant steps to fight climate change and keep land, air and water clean.

In order to decide whether a brand has a fit with Fair Bazaar mission and values, we ask the brand to fill our  Partner Application Form and sign our  Code of Conduct.

Then we will analyze the form and get in touch if your brand matches our values.
The next step will be signing the contract and sending the manual to access our platform. We work transparently, so the brand will have access and control over its sales, shipments and products. The brand keeps the stock and is in charge of sending the products to customers. As well as adding products, promotions and controlling stock on our platform.
We will be here to help with the whole process and take care of selling and communicating your products, your brand and values to customers. We want them to fall in love with your brand, just like us!

Are you a change-maker and believe in what we do? Want to join us? Then, let's start!