Better World Fashion

Vintage leather jackets repurposed into new, fashionable ones.

Better World Fashion is a Danish brand that started from a need for a new idea that would revolutionize the world for the better. By facing some facts regarding the overconsumption within the fashion industry - 93% of all clothes end up in the trash, even though they could be recycled and 80% of all discarded clothes would still have left around 2/3 of their life ahead. - the idea was defined: New leather jackets made of used leather products. Simple and yet very powerful.

By transforming used leather, discarded plastic bottles and recycled metal into new, modern leather jackets, the wasteful economy of today is transformed into the circular economy of tomorrow. This model avoids overconsumption and consequently, pollution, resource scarcity and the violation of human rights.

The jackets are produced in Poland and made 98% with reused materials making each single one of them absolutely unique. The goal, is to make things differently and offer the possibility to enjoy fashion, while being sustainable.

“We make it easier for the fashionable consumers to choose an eco-friendly alternative. We want to be part of the movement, who sends the fashion industry in a more sustainable and conscious direction,” Reimer Ivang, co-founder of Better World Fashion.

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