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Francis Stories

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Sustainable womenswear label characterized for its long-lasting elegance and relaxed aesthetics.


Francis Stories is a portuguese fashion womenswear label for the modern, sophisticated and luxurious women that seeks fashion with an environmental and social consciousness.

Characterized with long-lasting elegance, superior design and relaxed aesthetics, they reflect the designers personality and motto of living. The designers believe that clothes must be cherished and respected through time, to ascend to more than just ephemeral and meaningless pieces of a frantic and unfulfilling lifestyle. Hence, Francis Stories pieces are capable of retaining its inherent beauty much beyond the current trends, lasting against the adversities of time with the softest touch and most comfortable wearability.

Francis Stories pieces are produced ethically by craftsman with the best sustainable materials. Their ethics stands upon the belief that only through a fair and sensitive treatment towards all its direct and indirect collaborators and a deep respect to Nature and its own pace we, as humanity, can progress towards a harmonious and brighter future.

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