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Handcrafted home goods made from recycled textile waste.

Jinja was founded in 2012 by Norma Silva, out of a desire to create beautifully handmade designed products in a completely sustainable way. The founder always had a big respect for nature and believes that all designers have a crucial role in changing behaviors and the consciousness of consumers. Her beliefs are directly reflected into the company´s mission: to create products with a seal of responsibility, seeking to share enjoyable rituals from consumers daily lives through beautiful sustainable products.

Today, Jinja is an internationally acclaimed homeware studio that produces a wide range of original and versatile handcrafted interior design pieces made from 100% recycled textile waste. The entire manufacturing process is mindfully thought through, from salvaging the waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, to the repurposing of the materials in a functional, constructive way. Each item is made out of scrap fabrics rolled together into a single thread, then molded originally into utilitarian kitchenware or decoration. An eco-varnish coating ensures the durability of the pieces, allowing them to withstand the test of time. All the items are manufactured by hand, in small quantities, employing minimal energy and water resources. Jinja products are handmade in Portugal, designed around the world and settled in houses worldwide.

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