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Eco-friendly and highly protective sunglasses handmade with bamboo.

Joplins is a brand with a sustainable future envisioned for sunglasses. They made a simple switch: sunglass frames made with bamboo instead of plastic or metal. This change turned their sunglasses eco-friendly, lightweight, resistant, biodegradable and floatable.

Its goal is to protect the environment without any disregard to quality so, besides the highly resistant sustainable bamboo frames, each pair of sunglasses also features the best polarized lenses and 9 layers of protection against UV rays, scratches and breaking. This way, not only the environment is very satisfied but also the consumer.

The brand is also a true believer in world peace and happiness through meditation, donating 5% of their profits to the Art of Living Foundation. In a nutshell, Joplins aspires to radiate good vibrations through their sunglasses to the planet and their consumers.

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