Praça do Princípe Real, nº 26 1200-184 Lisboa, Portugal

Pop-up Store:

Mon-Sat: 12-8PM



Handcrafted eco-friendly block printed bags and accessories inspired by nature

Mazurca is a Lisbon-based brand manufacturing unique bags and accessories inspired by a profound fascination with the natural world, herbalism, and traditional handicraft.The creator and designer-maker behind the brand, Sara, is a Biologist by training, turned textile artisan and slow living enthusiast. 

Mazurca pieces distinguish themselves through intricate block printed motifs of leaves, flowers, and insects. To execute the patterns envisioned, Sara creates her own handmade stencils and hand-carved linoleum stamps. Each piece is block printed by hand with water-based eco-friendly textile ink on natural materials such as linen, jute, and cotton, and hand sewn one by one. The fabrics employed are produced locally and responsibly, in Portugal.

Mazurca goes to great extents to develop fully traceable products, and to ensure the creation of fair trade, low environmental impact pieces with a special design and a beautiful story behind.

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