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A reusable, chemical and odor free, anti-bacterial period cup that saves your wallet and the planet.

OrganiCup was created to give comfort to an uncomfortable situation: period.Women have been using for over 50 years the same, very wasteful, short-lived, disposable options: tampons or pads. OrganiCup comes to put an end to the waste and inconvenience.

As a reusable, chemical and odor free, anti-bacterial option, it will not only save your wallet but also the planet. It's an alternative that means 30 grams instead of 30 kg of waste and that puts an end to the leak worries since it lasts for 12 straight hours. It’s the most sustainable, healthy alternative and 9 out of 10 women keep using it after trial.

OrganiCup changes for the better the way periods affect women's lives, bodies and the environment.

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