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The Fair Bazaar Story

Hello! Welcome to Fair Bazaar!

So glad you’re here.

I’m Joana, the founder of Fair Bazaar. It all began in 2016 when I saw the now world-renown documentary The True Cost. It talks about the impact of fashion on people and in the planet. After watching it, I felt I was not the same person anymore. It completely opened my eyes to the true cost of fast-fashion and our patterns of overconsumption. I started researching more about sustainable fashion. Here are a few facts I learned and wish to share with you:

Did you know that the fashion industry is a major contributor to the climate crisis? It is accounting for 8% of global CO2 emissions and up to 20% of the world’s total wastewater. 

By 2030 the global apparel and footwear industry will have grown by 81%. This will cause a great pressure of our planet and its resources.

But what about options? Finding sustainable and ethical alternatives revealed itself to be a hard task for me and not everyone has the patience to spend hours online seeking for these alternatives. And that's when it hit me: What about a platform that would gather the best ethical and sustainable lifestyle products – guilt-free and easily accessible? A platform that would provide all this and spread awareness across all consumers? Since then, I didn't think twice and started working on this project. What began as a dream became a reality. We aim to become a renown and trustworthy worldwide platform for sustainable and ethical products. Our mission is to help people live more sustainably.

Each time we sell a product we are contributing for the growth of amazing brands, positively impacting the world for the better. We are so happy for all the support we have had from people all over the world and are working hard to improve our platform every day. And in order to prove that we are really making a positive impact on the environment, community, and people we are a B Corporation.

We hope you enjoy the experience and that you become a loyal member of our ever-growing #fairbazaarcommunity!

- Joana Cunha, Founder of Fair Bazaar