Praça do Princípe Real, nº 26 1200-184 Lisboa, Portugal

Pop-up Store:

Mon-Sat: 12-8PM



A world of combinations with nature-inspired handmade jewellery.

Alice Neiva, the visionaire artist behind Tundra, with an up and coming jewelry studio based in Lisbon, Portugal, handcrafts unique pieces inspired by nature and the botanical world.

The designer-maker reimagines landscapes ranging from lush, tropical forests, to deserts and arctic vistas into delicate, minimalist adornments such as rings and pendants. Tundra encompasses an ever-growing collection of symbols and motifs, encouraging wearers to mix and match them, unlocking an “A world of combinations”. This way, each individual is able to create his or her own surreal micro-landscape, infused with personal stories and meaning.

Alice crafts herself all the pieces individually, out of brass, inox or wood.

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