Marita Moreno

Atacama Green Sneakers

ATACAMA are super comfortable sneakers inspired in the Atacama Desert. They are constructed with upcycling leathers from previous collection and the crackled leather, also named Atacama. The green and brown hand painted cracklet leather is Portuguese and made specially for the brand.
The green ATACAMA also uses burel (100% wool cloth). The sole is ultra-light and with ecological EVA material and the lining is in natural bio leather – a green material that have no heavy metal on its composition, could be buried and dissolves in 2 to 3 weeks, serving as a natural compost.
- Limited edition of 32 pairs by colour
- Unique design
- Exterior in upcycling leather;
- Lining in natural bio leather with anti-bacterial treatment;
- Super comfort Polyurethane foam insole;
- Sole in ecological EVA;
- Made in Portugal.
Marita Moreno’s upcycling line is produced with wastes from other collections and/or materials, in this way we are creating a Circular Economy. Upcycling is the process of transforming unwanted products, waste materials, by-products or useless materials into new materials or products with a higher quality and environmental value.
Burel – a 100% wool cloth produced by a certified Artisanal Production Unit (UPA) of 4th generation family, located in Manteigas, Serra da Estrela. Burel's authenticity results from a sequence of specific operations in the manufacturing process. The wool, after being shorn, washed, spun, woven into the organ and woven into the loom, is trodden on a machine called “pisão”, which knocks and scalds the wool, transforming the fabric into burel, making it tighter, more resistant and waterproof.
They are produced in a sustainable and ethical way - using only Portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.
Eco Friendly
Fair Trade