The Fair Bazaar

Capsule Wardrobe - Basic Service

Do you need a styling service to help you to get a concise, timeless and adapted to your style capsule wardrobe?

This styling service will help you simplify your relationship with your clothes, through a personalized service with our personal stylist and functional closet specialist.

What does it consist of? This is a personalized service that allows you to create a capsule wardrobe from the items you already have. 

How does it work? The service is carried out in 4 phases:

Step 1: you will receive a questionnaire that you must answer in detail about your relationship with your closet

Step 2: you will receive the e-book “Guide to a Closet Detox”, which indicates the steps you should follow to unravel your closet and keep only the essential pieces for your lifestyle.

Step 3: After your closet detox, you will select some pieces to send to our sylist in order to prepare the coordinates ready to use.

 Example of pieces to send:15 pieces of clothing + 5 accessories

- 6 tops (sweaters, t-shirts or shirts)

- 4 bottoms (pants, jeans, skirts or shorts)

- 2 whole pieces (jumpsuit or dress)

- 3 coats (overcoat, trench, biker jacket, blouse and denim or blazer)

- 5 accessories (includes shoes, bags, belts, jewelry)

 Step 4: You will receive a final book with a suggestion of the coordinates ready to use in your daily routine (delivery time - up to 2 weeks)

If you ́re interested, drop us an email requesting details to