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Cork Yoga Mat

Cork yoga mat with natural non-slip cork surface combined with a natural rubber layer for comfort and support.

Straight out of Portugal - Our most sustainable and eco-friendly cork yoga mat to enhance the quality of your yoga practice and life. When our cork yoga mat gets a little wet, it unfolds its maximum grip potential. This way our cork yoga mat provides you a perfect non-slip experience.

All our cork originates from local Portuguese farmers, harvesting their oak trees for several generations within their families. Note that the trees are not cut down during the harvest. Only the bark is removed and regrows every nine to ten years. Our eco-friendly natural rubber layer is free from PVC, latex and doesn’t contain any plasticisers. Under direct sunlight it decomposes within two years - No worries, the cork layer prevents that from happening.

The natural structure of cork is ideal when it comes to grip. With our cork yoga mat you won’t have to worry anymore that you may slip during more advanced poses even with sweaty hands.

An amazing feature of cork is its antibacterial characteristic. Naturally it eliminates bacteria and germs which brings the great benefit that your mat won’t smell bad even after years of practice. With its amazing waterproof treatment, our cork layer will repell any liquids. After your yoga session just wipe it quickly with a wet towel + neutral soap and let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Our cork yoga mat will boost your deep inhales during practice by releasing its’ beautiful natural oak fragrant letting you relax and completely sink into your poses. No harsh and aggressive smells will irritate your breathings during puppy pose as known from classical rubber mats.

Feeling the natural cork bark below your hands and feet will bolster your body during all possible yoga practises. The combination of the cork structured surface with our highly elastic natural rubber will provide the perfect balance between stiffness and elasticity for perfect execution while at the same time going easy on your joints.

Our cork yoga mats are not only designed for the highest strains during any kind of yoga practice but are also perfectly suited for gymnastics, weight lifting and more.

“Feel the weight of your body onto the ground” - You probably heard this phrase already many times during your yoga or meditation practises. Finding a deeper connection with ourselves and our surroundings is an essential part during any session. Having a natural cork surface underneath your body will provide you a gentle and warm experience of reconnecting with your environment.

Dimensions: 185 x 61 x 0,4 cm

Eco Friendly