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Praça do Princípe Real, nº 26 1200-184 Lisboa, Portugal

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Mon-Sat: 12-8PM


Shea butter & Palmarosa Cream

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This shea butter and palmarosa cream is a small wonder weapon suitable for all skin types, especially dry and combination skin.

Main Features

This product doesn't contain ingredients like preservatives, silicones or palm oil.

The consistency of Berit is quite firm, but you can take them well from the jar. It consists of 100 percent unrefined shea butter, high-quality argan oil and a few drops of essential oil.

You can use the shea butter cream not only on the face, but also for the body, the lips, chapped cuticles or as a remedy for dry hair tips.

You should be careful if you have a nut or latex allergy . Test a small amount of the cream on an insensitive area on the body and wait a few hours to make sure there is no skin irritation.

Do not store your cream above 30 ° C (do not put it near the heating or in the sun).


On the skin: Apply the shea butter cream on your moist skin, so it absorbs better and the ingredients can be absorbed well by your skin. Another advantage: The water makes the cream even more productive. IMPORTANT, though, is that you never touch the jar with wet fingers, it would drastically reduce its durability. Always use a spatula made of wood or glass.

On the hair: Let a small amount of cream between your fingers melt and then knead it into your hair tips. Depending on the dryness, your hair can tolerate one to three pea-sized quantities.

On the lips: The Shea Butter Cream is softer than normal lip care and shines relatively strong. It is best to wear it thinly on your brittle lips 2-3 times a day. At night you may be a bit more generous with the crowd. It helps even better if you make a lip scrub beforehand (eg from sugar and olive oil) to remove the dead skin cells.


Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Argania Spinosa, Cymbopogon martinii (Palmarosaoil) (limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, farnesol) * * Allergenic ingredients subject to mandatory declaration, naturally occurring in essential oils.

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