Marita Moreno

Wave Sandal

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Wave Sandal is a lady flat shoe made with Portuguese bio leather. The drawing lines are inspired in the sea wave movements and the drawings that take us to volcanic and black sands. These shoes are extremely soft, have an excellent fit, with the cushioned heel that give them a very comfortable walk. Also, the use of natural bio leather lining, the natural rubber sole and the elastic in the front and back for adjust to the ankle and foot are perfect for happy days walking or staying at the comfort of home. We use textured black and silver bioleather – a green material that have no heavy metal on it’s composition and could be burried and dissolves in to 2 to 3 weeks, serving as a natural compost.

Wave Sandals belongs to the newest collection that intends to return to the essence of life and what we need - shapes inspired by sea creatures, simple shoes, strappy sandals and hyper-comfortable sneakers - the entire collection tells the story of our journey from the sea to space, from the beach to the depths of the sea. It is also an appeal to the non-pollution of the sea - our most precious asset and that balances our planet, a call to return to what is essential, not to waste, to recycle, to redo, to rethink.


- Exterior in bioleather;

- Lining in natural bioleather with anti-bacterial treatment;

- Confort insole in polyuretane sponge;

- Cushion heel in polyuretane sponge;

- Sole in natural rubber.

Bioleather Line - Marita Moreno's bioleather line is produced in wet-white based leather that doesn’t have any chrome or heavy metal. The Bioleather can disappear in nature between 2 to 3 weeks without polluting the environment. This product is chemically innocuous, it iscompostable and suitable to produce fertilizers. Leather industry is a recycled industry, due it works with the remains from the food industry.

Designed and made in Portugal in a sustainable and ethical perspective way - using only Portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.

Eco Friendly
Fair Trade
Small Scale